Process Service in New York by Licensed Process Servers.                                We are New York City registered process servers who will serve your divorce papers, Family Court papers, subpoenas and summonses

 We also serve court orders, complaints, orders of protection and all other types of legal documents in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Bronx.
We will serve your court papers in 2-5 business days for a flat process serving fee of $95.00 anywhere in the City of New York. For Service
of process of Small Claims cases and Civil Court cases, the fee is $75.00. Service of process in New York is guaranteed provided that you
give us Respondent's correct address. For more information, please call us at: 718-277-2968 or  send us an email at
We are the only process servers in New York City who offer a service guarantee: Service of process effected or your money back. No other process server in NY will assure you results like we do.

                            Superior Services JD, Inc
                            54 Bristol St. # 7F
                            Brooklyn, NY 11212
                            Phone: 718-277-2968
                            Fax: 718-345-0244

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