We Protect Your Privacy and Their Privacy

As New York City licensed process servers we know that litigation is delicate matter. We also understand that both
defendants and plaintiffs deserve privacy and non-confrontation. Therefore we protect all the individuals involved, our
clients especially, in terms of ensuring that the delivery of court documents be effected in the most polite and courteous
manner. We also do our best to establish the Court's authority but we approach all respondents respectfully.
We will do our best to keep your information and the nature of your court case as confidential as possible. When you order
our process serving services we request information about the recipient of your court papers and about you. The
information obtained is strictly private and it is only used to carry out our business of serving papers upon your opponent.
The information about you is also required for us to issue the affidavit of service and to send it to the correct addresss. 
As for credit card information and other information about you, we do not collect credit card numbers and we do not know
your credit card information because all credit card transactions are handled by PayPal, a renowned corporation  with a
long track record protecting privacy. We never ask for credit card information and we do not take payments over the phone.
For more information about how we protect your privacy, please call us at: 718-277-2968 or send us an email at 

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