Divorce Papers Served Anywhere in New York

How to Get Your Divorce Papers Served in New York City

 Our New York City licensed process servers will serve your divorce papers anywhere in New York City for a flat process
 serving fee of $95.00.

Under New York Law, unless expressly ordered otherwise by a judge, your divorce summons and divorce complaint
must be served in person on the Respondent. The manner personal service must be effected  is outlined at
Generally speaking it is better to leave it to a professional process server to serve your divorce papers because she knows
how to do it correctly.  After effecting the service of your divorce summons and support papers and other pleadings, we
will issue the corresponding NY affidavit of service of  divorce papers which you can bring to the Court in order to proceed
with your case. 

The best option is to use a New York City licensed process server to serve all matrimonial matters. This will minimize the
chances that the person who serves your divorce papers does it incorrectly and you have to eventually start over because of improper service.
Examples of improper service in New York City are:

                            1-Delivering divorce papers on Sundays, legal holidays and Saturdays-if Respondent observes the Sabbath-
                            2-Serving the divorce papers on a relative, friend or co-worker of the Respondent
                            3-Serving the divorce papers by affixing them at Respondent's home entrance door or slipping them under it.
                            4-Sending the divorce papers by fax, email or regular mail.
                            5-Serving the divorce papers on Respondent and failing to take information about his/her description and military status

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