Family Court Papers

Family Court Child Support Petition and Order of Protection Served in NYC

Our New York City licensed process servers will serve your Family Court papers:
Child Custody Summons and Petition
Child Visitation Summons and Petition
Child Support Summons and Petition
Spousal Support Summons and Petition
Order of Protection
                                                               Order to Show Cause
                                                               Family Court Subpoena
Generally most Family Court papers must be served in person on the named Respondent but substituted service is
acceptable for some cases. Also for orders of protection, service of process may be effected on any day of the week,
including Sundays and religious days. After service of process is effected we will issue an affidavit of service for you to
bring to Family Court.
We will serve your Family Court papers in 2-5 business days for a flat process serving fee of $95.00 anywhere in the City of New York. For
more information, please call us at: 718-277-2968 or send us an email at

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