Process Servers Authorized by The City of New York

We are New York City licensed process servers with official license number number 1223229 issued by The City of New
York. No process server in New York is allowed to serve legal papers if she does not have proper credentials: a current
process server license issued by the Department of Consumers Affairs. Can your present process server show you her
license? If not then you are probably dealing with an unlicensed process server who will cost you big in the long run.
All process servers must be licensed in order to minimize the chances that something goes wrong during the process of
serving litigants in New York City. The official license is proof that the government of the City of New York has checked the
process server's criminal records, that it has her address, that it has verified her identity and that the process server is in
the official New York City records registered and authorized to serve papers in New York.
For those looking for bargains, some "process servers" will charge you $20 or $35 to effect service in New York. Probably
they are not licensed by NYC and they will likely play around with your papers. Don't let this happen. Hire a duly licensed
process server. 
We will deliver your court papers in 1-5 business days for a flat process serving fee of $75.00 anywhere in the City of New York. For more
information, please call us at: 718-277-2968 or send us an email at

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