NY Subpoena Service

NYC Process Servers Deliver Subpoena Duces Tecum and Witness Subpoena

Our New York City licensed process servers will serve your subpoena for records (subpoena duces tecum) and witness
subpoena (subpoena ad testificandum) anywhere in New York City.
We will deliver your NY subpoenas papers in 1-5 business days for a flat process serving fee of $75.00 anywhere in the
City of New York. For more information, please call us at: 718-277-2968 or send us an email at NewYorkProcess@aol.com
If there is a subpoena service fee to pay (Most subpoenas require that  a fee be given to the witness or custodian of
records), please attach it. The usual NY subpoena fee is $18.00.

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